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Technology, sustainability and innovation are important drivers of the fashion and textile industry that will revolutionise the sector and its processes and production methods. International conference format Fashionsustain is dedicated to precisely these topics. It shows how the interaction of collaborations, new technologies and sustainability leads to applied innovations. Start. Collaborating. Now.



Air serves as our protective coating – a thick layer of nitrogen and oxygen that wraps itself protectively around the earth and warms us. But the air we breathe is polluted by smog and fine dust particles. And a major contributor of that is the textile industry, which is responsible for 10% of global CO2 emissions. Which means it’s high time that we paid even more attention to the topic.

Fashionsustain: The conference.

FASHIONSUSTAIN. The conference.

For all industry stakeholders who wish to learn more about current technological innovations and sustainability developments, the Fashionsustain conference is the place to be. It will be providing visitors with the know-how to bring about real innovation and change in the fashion and textile industry. Fashionsustain will provide a prominent stage for the interplay of collaboration and competition as key elements for new and sustainable technologies. ‘Air’ will be the overarching theme of the event for 2020.

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