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Our vision is to change fashion together. Through collaboration and innovation, sustainability and technology. That’s why we’ve come up with a new business and communication platform: Neonyt – the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation.

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Neonyt at home

In these unprecedented times of #SocialDistancing, the Neonyt community needs to come together more than ever. That’s why we have compiled a variety of infotainment offers giving you the lowdown from the sustainability sector and bringing a taste of Neonyt to your own four walls.

Neonyt 2019


Challenge Fashion. With progressive formats, future-oriented topics and numerous events, Neonyt paints a new image of fashion, sustainability and innovation - groundbreaking, relevant and fascinating. The change to value-based growth in fashion is possible. Neonyt shows how.

Neonyt concept


With the hub concept Neonyt is combining business, inspiration, knowledge, fun and  community, in a neo-new way. The hub consists of the Neonyt Trade Fair, the Fashionsustain by Messe Frankfurt conference, as well as the Thinkathon, the Neonyt Fashion Show, showcases, influencer and blogger format Prepeek, networking events and, last but not least, the Neonyt party.

fashion show

FASHION SHOW. The looks.

Focus on function: The Neonyt Fashion Show interpreted high fashion in the mix with high-performance innovative materials in an aesthetic, contemporary and disruptive way. The official runway of Berlin Fashion Week at Kraftwerk provided the venue for the hotly discussed Editorial Show.

Neonyt the name


Neo. Nytt. Neonyt. The self-coined name Neonyt is derived from the Ancient Greek word “neo” (which means new and revolutionary in English) and the Scandinavian word “nytt” (which also means new). “The renewed new” – Neonyt is our synonym for the fundamental transformation process of the fashion and textile industry.


With a good balance of leading brands and newcomers, the Neonyt Trade Show is the world’s biggest exhibition for sustainable fashion. From contemporary, casual and urbanwear to denim, street and sportswear down to business outfits – as well as ladieswear, menswear and kidswear, the ranges also include outdoor, shoes, accessories, jewellery and beauty.

the brands


With the Neonyt Trade Show, the Fashionsustain conference, showcases, events and parties, Neonyt brings together a community defined by fashion, a forward-looking approach, an affinity for technology and sustainable awareness. Unified by the desire to drive a process of change in the fashion industry, from which companies as well as people and the environment will profit. And driven by a curiosity to learn more about these issues and give them more attention in the future.