International hub for sustainability and innovation in the fashion world

NEONYT is the global platform for tomorrow’s fashion and sustainable innovation. NEONYT brings together Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin under a new name and with a new concept. The FashionSustain conference is also part of the NEONYT universe.

NEONYT – the name

Neonyt advert in Berlin

Progressive and polarising – the made-up word NEONYT is a combination of the old Greek ‘neo’ for ‘new, revolutionary’ and the Swedish ‘nytt’ for ‘new’. NEONYT refers to the fundamental process of transformation that takes place in the fashion and textile sector. For sustainability in the world of fashion is synonymous with innovation and progress and drives a process of change that profits companies, people and the environment.

NEONYT – the concept

NEONYT is backed by a vision for the fashion sector based on sustainable growth. As a global hub, NEONYT provides a broadly-based platform for a sustainable lifestyle. Neonyt stands for communication, exchange, business, and the creation of a fashion world with a new awareness of sustainability.

Ethical Fashion Show Berlin exhibitor presents her fashion


NEONYT’s B2B platform: at the fashion fair, renowned fashion labels, progressive designers and exciting newcomers present fair and sustainably produced contemporary and high fashion, street and casual wear, accessories, such as shoes, bags, belts and jewellery, and beauty products.

Green Selected live on stage


The fashion highlight of the hub: NEONYT’s curated fashion show brings together national and international sustainable fashion labels and presents a modern image of contemporary fashion.

FashionSustain stage


Insights and design thinking: at the FashionSustain conference, everything revolves around sustainable textile innovations. And, at the associated ‘Thinkathon’, international, multi-disciplinary teams of researchers, designers, engineers and companies work on industry challenges posed by the business world. Supplementary insights are offered by the Knowledge Lounge, as well as lectures, workshops and expert panels with experts on everything from trade to certification.

Presentation at the Ethical Fashion Show 2018


The ‘Nightshift’ with longer hours of opening, ‘Prepeek powered by Fashion Changers’, the blogger and influencer event, and the get-together with media and industry partners provide the ideal setting and exchange of ideas with fashion labels and all those who opt for a sustainable lifestyle.









braune Tasche von Harold's


Model mit einer Bluse von Jan ´n June

Jan ´n June

High Heels mit Schlangenmuster von Swedish Stockings

Swedish Stockings

Model mit Bluse und Stoffhose von Jungle Folk

Jungle Folk

NEONYT – platform for a sustainable lifestyle

The NEONYT tradeshow, conferences such as FashionSustain, workshops, shows, and influencer formats such as Prepeek turn NEONYT into the place-to-be when it comes to sustainability and innovation in fashion.