Keyvisual NEONYT Berlin
Neonyt 19. – 21. January 2021 VISIT & EXHIBIT


Changing the world of fashion together – trough collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship. That is our vision. That’s why we’ve created this business and communication platform: Neonyt – the global hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation. With an international focus, it is the leading event of its kind worldwide.


How does collaboration work when face-to-face meetings cannot take place? Can bringing people closer in a digital context make up for the currently imposed social distancing measures and still enable us to work closely along- side one another? How can business relations be cultivated when businesses are closed? How can priorities be set when tried-and-tested solutions and long-established yearly plans are no longer valid? Who am I, who are ‘the others’ and what is the definition of community? Questions about our actions and our existence, what defines us and who or what we want to be have never been more relevant than now. That is why as a global hub of a new fashion industry, the winter 2021 edition of Neonyt will have the claim  ‘Together. Now and here.’ It perfectly reflects the current need to close ranks and cooperate.


Fashion thrives on...

...personal interaction, presentations and inspiration, as well as being able to see and feel materials and craftsmanship up close.


Neonyt is our synonym for the fundamental transformation process of the fashion and textile industry. It also stands for our reinterpretation of what has already been and our aim to continuously develop the hub: Aesthetics, trends, lifestyle – these innate themes of fashion are merging with sustainability, digitalisation and innovation. We are reacting to the transformation of the industry by offering a hub where professionals can meet and engage in valuable dialogue. Neonyt combines business, inspiration, knowledge and community building in a neo-new way.


With the Neonyt Trade Show, the Fashionsustain conference, showcases, events and parties, Neonyt brings together a community defined by fashion, a forward-looking approach, an affinity for technology and sustainable awareness. Unified by the desire to drive a process of change in the fashion industry, from which companies as well as people and the environment will profit. And driven by a curiosity to learn more about these issues and give them more attention in the future.