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Joining forces to drive long-term change in the fashion sector: authentically, directly and transparently. Neonyt and its cross-sector community stand for fashion and lifestyle, curiosity and future orientation, an affinity for technology and sustainable awareness.


Neonyt is our synonym for the fundamental transformation process of the textile and fashion industry. It stands for our reinterpretation of what has already been and our aim to continuously develop ourselves further: Aesthetics, trends, lifestyle – these innate themes of fashion are merging with sustainability, digitalisation and innovation. We are reacting to the transformation of the industry by offering a place where professionals can meet and engage in valuable dialogue. Neonyt combines business, inspiration, knowledge and community building in a neo-new way.


Since its launch, Neonyt has established itself over the last two decades as the most relevant B2B community platform for fashion, sustainability and innovation. The international fashion business is strong, as is Neonyt's responsibility as an order platform and trend spotter in the sustainable sector, as well as the interest in the brand worldwide: Messe Frankfurt recognises the lighthouse potential of the event as a pioneer and is rolling out Neonyt internationally.

From January 2023, Neonyt will be held in the B2B segment twice a year in Düsseldorf, Germany, at the same time as FASHN ROOMS. More stops to follow.

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‘Our mission is to pull down walls, open doors, and connect people in order to build a better fashion industry for everyone everywhere … There is no sustainable fashion without fair pay!’

Dawn Denim

‘We bear responsibility! That is why we pay fair prices and maintain long-term relationships with our suppliers on an equal footing. Every day, we prove anew that social standards in the textile supply chain make a positive difference.’


‘We work with suppliers that share the same values as we do, recognising the value of the workers. We work directly with our suppliers and know how the factories are managed. As the Fashion Revolution shows, it is also our responsibility as a brand.’


‘We have worked with all our partners and workers for a very long time and know all of them personally. They are pros in their forte. We know what is important, and that it is really worth treating everybody with respect and loyalty!’



Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Kristina Löhr (Engagement Global), Olaf Schmidt (Messe Frankfurt), Kerry Bannigan (Fashion Impact Fund), Stephanie Wüst (Councilwoman Frankfurt)

With more than 50 events in eleven countries, Messe Frankfurt is the international market leader for events in the textile sector along the entire textile value chain. Messe Frankfurt's international textile events are grouped under the Texpertise Network and attract around 23,000 exhibitors and 500,000 trade visitors every year.

Jenga game with the SDGs at the Neonyt Lab

Through the Messe Frankfurt's Texpertise Network, we are working to speed up innovation and transformation in the textile and fashion industry. To boost this decade of action for achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, we are briefing and mobilising players across the whole of the textile value-added chain and their partners in industry, with the focus on realising solutions for social, economic and ecological transformation.


A weekend dedicated to sustainability: From 24 to 26 June 2022, the Neonyt Lab invited all (fashion) people interested in social, ecological and economic sustainability to Frankfurt – from end consumers to fashion professionals.