Neonyt: 06-08/07/2021, Frankfurt


Right at the heart of Germany and Europe, with enviable connections and networks, Frankfurt will become the ideal place for Neonyt and its community in the summer of 2021: everyone who wants to bring about lasting change in the sustainable textile and fashion industry will come together in the metropolis on the Main River during Frankfurt Fashion Week.


Mädels unterhalten sich auf er Neonyt

COVID-19 has changed everything while also turning the Fashion Week calendar and international tradeshow timetable on its head. After bridging the gap for our sustainable fashion community with two digital editions of Neonyt on Air, we will be bringing everyone together again in summer 2021 – for the first time in Frankfurt am Main. From 6 to 8 July 2021, Neonyt – the leading hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation – is one of the core elements of Frankfurt Fashion Week.



People at Neonyt in January 2020

Neonyt is the meeting place for all key players for whom fashion and sustainability are inextricably linked. It is the business and communication platform for the trends and future topics of the textile and fashion industry. Be part of the community and exhibit at Neonyt – all brands are fashionably curated and selected by us based on strict sustainability criteria.



A cross-sector community. The Neonyt community is defined by fashion, a forward-looking approach, its affinity to technology and awareness of sustainability. It is unified by the desire to drive a process of change in the fashion industry. Or driven by a curiosity to learn more about these issues in the future. Subscribe to the Neonyt newsletter to stay updated and be amongst the first to receive all news from within the sustainable fashion community!