At GREENSTYLE munich, sustainable fashion brands present their wares directly to consumers. There is also an exciting conference format with speakers from e.g. Greenpeace, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and Neonyt. It takes place from 5-7 April 2019 at the Isarforum in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. All brands, speakers etc. can be seen at

We chatted to Mirjam Smend, journalist, green influencer and founder of GREENSTYLE munich ahead of the event.

Mirjam Smend © Cherie Birkner, sustainable fashion matterz
Mirjam Smend © Cherie Birkner, sustainable fashion matterz

What is the special thing about the GREENSTYLE munich Fair and Conference?

GREENSTYLE munich is the first trade fair and conference format for sustainable fashion for end consumers. Consumers are both demanding and seeking alternatives in a fashion world that has become too fast-paced. Such alternatives are available at NEONYT for trade visitors and we bring them to consumers in a lifestyle-based environment with GREENSTYLE munich. With its motto “Meet the Makers”, end consumers can meet visionary makers and experience their collections up close here. And because awareness is very closely linked to knowledge, we have developed an exciting conference format with 20 national and international speakers and workshops that illuminate the theme of sustainability from various angles. 

The Change of Fashion is now. When do you think the fashion business will arrive at its goal?

Within our bubble, the issue of sustainability feels like a huge one. But if you leave that bubble briefly, you quickly realise that we’re still very much in the starting blocks. But we are the good things that are happening. NEONYT in January showed that sustainable fashion has much more to offer than people realise: a fashion show that has been featured in several articles in VOGUE, a conference that attracts international speakers with amazing topics to the stage and exhibitors that offer sustainable high fashion that has nothing to fear from conventional competition. And lots of new visitors who have realised that eco is the new cool. Sustainable fashion is slowly leaving its niche air behind it, and has certainly been doing so ever faster since January. All this is completely in line with your claim: The Change of Fashion is now.

What are the opportunities afforded by cooperation between Greenstyle munich and Neonyt?

We follow the same aims and share some of the same exhibitors. With GREENSTYLE munich, we are the link between the B2B event NEONYT and the consumer who can buy things from us that we have discovered with you.