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We are water.

With progressive formats, forward-looking topics and numerous events, Neonyt is painting a new picture of fashion, sustainability and innovation that is game-changing, relevant and fascinating. The change to value-based growth in fashion is possible. Neonyt is showing you how.


Neonyt informs about relevant, future-oriented topics. Experts provide knowledge and discuss current developments in the fashion and textile industry. See the full programme at a glace:


The extensive use of water has become a problematic hallmark of globalised fashion supply chains. It’s high time for the fashion industry to take a more holistic approach. Neonyt is dedicated to the theme of “water” and will once again become a central hub for solution-oriented dialogue, practical measures for fashion, sustainability and innovation.


Fashionsustain: The conference.

FASHIONSUSTAIN. The conference.

On 2 & 3 July 2019 the international Neonyt conference Fashionsustain (Stage, Upper Floor) is the place to be for all industry stakeholders who wish to see, hear and learn about the current status of technology and sustainability developments and how they can empower real innovation and change processes in fashion and textiles. Expanded to a two-day conference, Fashionsustain will provide a prominent stage for the interplay of collaboration and competition as key elements for new and sustainable technologies that drive the industry towards sustainable business models or new and old markets. ‘We Are Water’ is still the overarching theme of 2019. At the same time, Fashionsustain will feature panels on growing concerns like digital responsibility, meaningful marketing as well as the neo-new role of denim.

Fashionimpact: The forum


During all three days of the event (2, 3 & 4 July 2019), the Neonyt forum Fashionimpact will open up discussions on the various extent of impact created along the value chains in the beauty, design and fashion industries. This in-depth forum looks at global and local people empowerment through the positive impact of creative industries and the digitalisation of our lives. Topics include equality and diversity, craft traditions and digital innovation, cultural appropriation and consumer culture, small and large-scale sustainable business models as well as neo-new international trade and regional retailing concepts. In July, Fashionimpact will be giving the floor to a whole range of contemporary challenges, especially those concerning stationary retailing including scaling sustainable fashion brands, better packaging and production on demand. The effects of digitalisation in the craft sector will also be explored as well as the sustainability of fashion tech accessories and neo-new work concepts for sustainable business models. Fashionimpact will be taking place in the Schaltraum (Upper Floor), Forum (Middle Floor) and Prepeek (Upper Floor).

Showcase: The value chain.

SHOWCASE. The value chain.

Digitalisation and customisation – two of the current megatrends in the fashion industry – both offer huge opportunities for more sustainable production and value creation. The Neonyt Showcase invites companies from the supply and value chain to present their best examples of sustainable practices. In July, Gemini and Strima, two globally operating innovation drivers, will each showcase their vision of state-of-the-art micro factories. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and experience at first hand progressive solutions that merge technological and sustainable innovation in order to create lasting change within supply chains. (Upper Floor, next to the Fashionsustain Stage).

Fashion Show: The looks.

FASHION SHOW. The looks.

The fashion show kicks off Neonyt on 2 July 2019 at 10:00 am on the runway of the official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week location E-Werk. The editorial runway show presents the very best of spring/summer 2020 collections from a variety of national and international sustainable fashion labels in curated multi-brand looks. The theme is denim. Presenting partners are Dr. Hauschka, Lenzing and OEKO-TEX. By invitation only.


Prepeek: The stories.

PREPEEK. The stories.

Neonyt’s influencer and blogger event spans all three days (2, 3 & 4 July 2019) and invites social media experts and lifestyle journalists to take a sneak peek at next summer‘s collections and then style and photograph them. Prepeek also offers a stage for talks with fashion changers, UN representatives, Vepsi and many more.

Knowledge Lounge: The experts.


In the Knowledge Lounge we pool the expert knowledge of NGOs, associations, institutions, certifiers and consultancy firms. The Knowledge Lounge offers a space for Neonyt visitors to gain in-depth knowledge of specific topics and enter into a dialogue with industry experts. This is sustainability know-how at the highest level. NGOs, associations, institutions, initiatives and consultancy firms will be showcasing their work and ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

Thinkathon: The workshop.

THINKATHON. The workshop.

Thinkathon gathers ideas for the future. The thinktank brings together forward-looking companies and Neonyt communities, which are unique in their diversity and range of professional expertise. At the same time, it offers a creative environment that mimics the dynamic Berlin start-up landscape. Interdisciplinary teams from areas as diverse as academia, business development, consultancy, design, development and research all work on specific industry tasks in a design-thinking challenge. The results of the two-day programme are presented to the audience of the Fashionsustain conference. The next round of our Thinkathon will take place in January 2020.


04/07/2019, 12:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Kraftwerk: 250 decision-makers from fashion, creative industries and the media will come together to discuss the latest creativity trends. UNLOCK Style by ZEITmagazin will decode urgent industry questions and open up doors to new possibilities. More than an industry gathering, it explores boundaries and transitions and explains how fashion, technology, photography, design and art influence each other. It features on stage interviews, presentations and live performances. Pre-registration required:


02/07/2019, 6:00 pm, Kraftwerk Berlin: Music by Fat Mink and Mini Nik, video of Neonyt Fashion Show, Gin Bar by Lanius, tacos & drinks. Entrance with Neonyt ticket only.