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With progressive formats, forward-looking topics and numerous events, Neonyt is painting a new picture of fashion, sustainability and innovation that is game-changing, relevant and fascinating. The change to value-based growth in fashion is possible. Neonyt is showing you how.


The combined innovative strength of the technology, sustainability and digitalisation sectors is an important driver for the latest developments in the textile and fashion industry. Processes and production workflows along the entire supply chain are changing – and in many ways, the industry needs to reinvent itself. The experts at Neonyt are showing how this will work successfully in the long term: at the Trade Show, during the Fashion Show, at Fashionsustain or at Prepeek, the event for content creators.

TRADE SHOW. The brands.

From contemporary, casual and urban wear to denim, street and sportswear down to business attire – the Neonyt Trade Show is the world’s leading trade fair for fashion, sustainable lifestyle and innovation. Fashionably curated and with a good balance of leading brands and newcomers, it appeals to an international audience.

FASHIONSUSTAIN. The conference.

The international Neonyt conference Fashionsustain is the place to be for all industry stakeholders who wish to see, hear and learn about the current status of technology and sustainability developments and how they can empower real innovation and change processes in fashion and textiles. Expanded to a conference, Fashionsustain will provide a prominent stage for the interplay of collaboration and competition as key elements for new and sustainable technologies that drive the industry towards sustainable business models or new and old markets.

SHOWCASE. The value chain.

What influence do more sustainable innovations have on the textile value chain? And how can we rethink our industry? Neonyt’s Showcase is providing the answers to these questions. Whether as a micro-factory or installation – Neonyt invites companies from the supply and value chain to present their new technologies, materials, initiatives, change-maker campaigns or research projects. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover and experience at first hand progressive solutions that merge technological and sustainable innovation in order to create lasting change within supply chains.

PREPEEK. The stories.

Hundreds of influencers with a reach of around 2.5 million followers, 100 shoots with looks from over 40 exhibitors, countless posts on Instagram and Facebook, plus over 600 stories and a whole lot of fun – that was Prepeek in January 2020. Prepeek is the influencer event that takes place during Neonyt and conveys not only the fun side of green fashion, but also a deeper understanding of sustainability: in community talks and masterclasses, influencers and content creators are made more aware of all topics related to responsible and sustainable practices in everyday life.

FASHION SHOW. The looks.

In curated multi-brand looks, the Neonyt Fashion Show presents the best national and international sustainable fashion brands. The theme of the show in January 2020 was “Outdoor meets high-street fashion” featuring a mix of small, independent, newcomer labels with bigger, commercial brands. The modern looks, which were inspired by the revolts of the past year and visually showcased on the runway, wowed the audience at Kraftwerk Berlin.