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Lecture at "Fashionsustain. The conference."

FASHIONSUSTAIN. The conference.

Technology, sustainability and innovation are important drivers of the textile and fashion industry that are changing the sector and its processes and production methods.


From a 1,5 degree lifestyle to renting your wardrobe and the contribution of the fashion sector to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: the Fashionsustain conference stage will feature impulses, interviews, talks and workshops by international and local sustainable fashion brands, industry stakeholders and content creators.


Olivia Dahlem, Owner, Quartier Frau

Olivia Dahlem

Owner, Quartier Frau

Christine Fehrenbach, Founder & CEO, Sustainable Transformation for fashion, design and architecture

Christine Fehrenbach

Consultant, Brand, Sustainability & Creation

Kim Gerlach, Founder, sun&rise

Kim Gerlach

Founder, sun&rise

Julian Hermsdorf, CEO, Monaco Ducks

Julian Hermsdorf

CEO, Monaco Ducks

Annabelle Homann, COO & Head of Marketing, Lanius

Annabelle Homann

COO & Head of Marketing, Lanius

Jasmin Huber, Founder & CEO, WeDress Collective

Jasmin Huber

Founder & CEO, WeDress Collective

Carmen Jenny, CO-Founder & CEO, CLOTHESfriends

Carmen Jenny

CO-Founder & CEO, CLOTHESfriends

Susanne Kinast, Founder & CEO, Nina Rein

Susanne Kinast

Founder & CEO, Nina Rein

Heidi Koselowski, Designer, Miomartha

Heidi Koselowski

Designer, Miomartha

René Lang, President, VDMD

René Lang

President, VDMD

Meriem Lebderi, Founder & Designer, Meriem Lebdiri & Mizaan

Meriem Lebdiri

Founder & Designer, Meriem Lebdiri & Mizaan

Karlin Obiango, Founder & CEO, Tresor By Karlin Cosmetics

Karlin Obiango

Founder & CEO, Tresor By Karlin Cosmetics

Malcolm Ohanwe, Moderator, Barbarella Entertainment

Malcolm Ohanwe


Christian Salewski, CO-Founder & Chief Reporter, Flip

Christian Salewski

CO-Founder & Chief Reporter, Flip

Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt

Olaf Schmidt

Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies, Messe Frankfurt

Mirjam Smend, Founder & CEO, Greenstyle

Mirjam Smend

Founder & CEO, Greenstyle

Dominik Sothmann, CO-Founder, Flip

Dominik Sothmann

CO-Founder, Flip

Michael Spitzbarth, CEO, bleed clothing

Michael Spitzbarth

CEO, bleed clothing

Hannes Weber, CSR Manager, Baesiq

Hannes Weber

CSR Manager, Baesiq

Max Weiland, CEO, uns*Talentagentur

Max Weiland

CEO, uns*Talentagentur

Heiko Wunder, Managing Owner, Rheinstoff

Heiko Wunder

Managing Owner, Rheinstoff

Juliane Ziegler, GOTS Representative, Global Organic Textile Standard

Juliane Ziegler

GOTS Representative, Global Organic Textile Standard

KNOWLEDGE LOUNGE. The certification process.


What certification labels for textiles are there? And what do they stand for? In the Knowledge Lounge, visitors can find out about success stories on the topics of certification, sustainability innovations and safety standards for working conditions in the textile and fashion industry.